AYÚDAME 3D: it's a second chance

Giving threedesis (3D printed arms) to people without resources, from anywhere, to eveyone who need it.

To help is too easy, so just do it.

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This project starts after a trip to Kenya, where I gave 3D printed arms (trésdesis/threedesis) to Rift Valley citizens.

Nowadays, Ayudame3D project gives arm threedesis to people without resources from anywhere, worldwide. ¿Me ayudas3D? It's too easy to help.

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You are Ayudame3D

Faster manufacturing processes

Increase number of 3D printers in Ayudame3D lab in Madrid (Spain).

New desings

Personal desings to every person, more quality and confort.

Accesibility and life quality

Too many people can't afford a threedesis. You can help them!

Innovation, culture, development

Skills development in countries where this type of technology is unusual. Training courses in schools and orphanages.

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From Spain, from Kenya, from everywhere.

This project is for everyone, to learn new technologies, to develop your own initiative and above all to help many people around the world who really need it.



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To help is too easy, so just do it.

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Name: Guillermo Martínez

IBAN: ES85 0049 3113 07 2494395056

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