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Guillermo Martínez, director of Ayúdame3D, presents in La Nave de Madrid the technological innovation that his social entity has developed over the years.

Last Monday, Guillermo Martínez presented in La Nave de Madrid the technological innovation developed by Ayúdame3D over the last four years. An innovation that not only involves the creation of new designs of 3D printed assistive devices but also a business model that represents a radical socio-economic change in the sector. For Ayúdame3D, research and technological innovation always seek social benefit. The ultimate goal of this entity is to put technology at the service of society to improve the quality of life of thousands of people.

Through a presentation that was recorded on video and can be viewed in this publication, Guillermo Martinez spoke of all the lines of work of Ayúdame3D, its technological innovation and its social impact.

Technology can be a tool that solves problems, improves the lives of thousands of people and helps us to face the challenges we face as a society. We just need to apply that social value that we always talk about in Ayúdame3D to start changing the world.

Azucena Elbaile Mur, director of the center for urban innovation and technology of the City of Madrid, La Nave, shows her support and the importance of the work of innovation and research of Ayúdame3D through the above writing.

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