Protesis impresion 3d y mucho más

Our mission: to help

We don't just make arms, but any aid made possible by 3D printing (additive manufacturing).

Chemoboxes for serum, protective face masks against the coronavirus, pill dispensers for people with Parkinson's... new ideas and new designs are born thanks to the suggestions of thousands of people who are looking for a solution to improve the lives of vulnerable groups.

From Ayúdame3D we continue to make any 3D device that is needed:


Initiative born in 2018 when @bdmaisori asked via Twitter for a banana box for his son Ivan who was in the hospital. From Ayúdame3D as other twitterers we started printing without thinking about it.

After that we have not stopped printing for any family in need.

You can order a chemobox at soporte@ayudame3d.org


Thanks to the idea of @brianalldridge we are able to develop a pillbox that allows us to take out a single pill to prevent them all from spilling out and thus improve the daily life of many people who suffer from this situation.

parkinson's pillbox

Adapting our activity to cope with the Covid-19 health crisis


More than 20,000 people were helped with virus protection devices and we delivered them to more than 400 centres throughout Spain.

You can see our action here: youtube.com/watch?v=0H9rKMxM61g 


Creation of 3D labs in countries all over the world

We don't just help, we teach how to help. We create technology classrooms in different countries training local students in design and 3D printing so that, in addition to delivering our trésdesis directly, they can increase their knowledge and get better job opportunities.

65 Países alcanzados | 672 Pesonas ayudadas | Queremos ayudar a 83 millones