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Entry written by Gema García.


Ayúdame3D is once again taking part in one of the most important global solidarity movements.

We have all heard about Black Friday. But do you know what Giving Tuesday is all about? We'll tell you about it!

Giving Tuesday is a solidarity campaign that aims to activate and multiply the most generous side of society. To this end, on 30 November, the action of giving will be celebrated: food, money, time (voluntary), clothes, second-hand objects...

It is the ideal time for you to make a small gesture and contribute to any social cause. 

The key is to spread this idea using the hashtag #GivingTuesday on all social networks and achieve maximum reach. In this way, we could ensure that the essence of solidarity of this day is transferred to all corners of our society every day of the year. 

From Ayúdame3D we wanted to be part of such a special day as this one. Humanity and solidarity is one of the driving forces of change on our planet and we cannot stand idly by. 

This year we are collaborating with the Shareacoffeefor project. An online solidarity coffee shop that works to build a better world. Donations are measured in virtual coffees. Each coffee costs 2 euros. 

Through this altruistic alliance we launched our Giving Tuesday campaign: A coffee with Helpi. 

Want to join the global solidarity movement and change the world? Join the #UncafeconHelpi initiative!

With the price of a digital coffee, you can change lives.

With the donation of 2 coffees, we give you 1 Helpi red token.

With the donation of 10 coffees, we will give you 1 red Helpi token + 2 solidarity coasters.

Here you can share a coffee with Helpi and help more than 300 people around the world receive their trésdesis.

Once you have made your donation you must share it with us via Instagram in a private message so that we can send you your gift. You can also show the world the importance of helping and share a post under the hashtags #GivingTuesday and #UncafeconHelpi. 

Now is the time to show that it is too easy not to help.

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