Ayúdame3D wins the Solidarity award from TELVA magazine for its SuperKids project.

>The Spanish social organisation receives the award for its project that delivers 3D printed prostheses to children in Spain.
>Themes can be customised with different themes and are provided free of charge during the entire growth phase.
TELVA solidarity

Photo: TELVA - Álex Rivera / Luis Camacho

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Ayúdame3D, a Spanish social organisation that promotes the social value of new technologies and creates 3D printed aids for vulnerable groups around the world, has won an award at the 28th edition of the TELVA solidarity awards.

Anne Igartiburu was in charge of presenting a gala full of emotion in which six initiatives were awarded. Three international and three national awards that are changing the world thanks to solidarity. TELVA celebrated yet another year of the most supportive party in the auditorium of the Rafael del Pino Foundation. 

The TELVA Solidarity Awards gala was full of emotions. During the acceptance speech of the first national award, sponsored by CantabriaLabs and Marco Aldany, the director of Ayúdame3D, Guillermo M. Gauna-Vivas, emotionally mentioned that even if each aid device only serves one person in the world, the organisation will continue to manufacture them "because everyone deserves the opportunity to have all their basic needs covered and to live in equality".

Photos: TELVA - Álex Rivera / Luis Camacho

Ayúdame3D, which carries out technological-social awareness programmes in companies and schools and then turns the profits into aid for people all over the world, won the award for its SuperKids project. 30 children from all over Spain will receive an assistive device made by 3D printing, fully customised and adapted.

The TELVA award-winning project, SuperKids, is based on the development of devices for young people based on their growth with follow-up until adulthood. The manufacture and delivery of arms to children with amputations or agenesis in Spain is completely free of charge for those who receive them. SuperKids provides improved quality of life, reduced inequality and social support to hundreds of families across Spain.

The arms can be personalised with the themes of the children's choice. " This not only makes them more excited to receive their new device, but also makes them participate in the creation and design of it", says Stephanie Lois, head of design and logistics at Ayúdame3D. 


Ayúdame3D is an organization that promotes the social values of new technologies by creating awareness programs and providing aid through 3D printing. It has educational programs that seek to promote creative-resolutionary intelligence among young people, in addition to carrying out social awareness work. It also carries out CSR actions with companies to create a more ethical and supportive business environment, and has a platform of volunteers who are experts in 3D printing. All this in order to be able to distribute aid globally: trésdesis (3D printed arms for amputees around the world). 


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