Ayúdame3D launches its solidarity story "HELPI and the adventure of helping".

The story goes on sale from February 1 on the website ayudame3D.org

All profits go to the manufacture and delivery of aid to different vulnerable groups.

The NGO Ayúdame3D launches its solidarity story "HELPI and the adventure of helping". All profits go to help people with disabilities and vulnerable groups around the world thanks to 3D printing.

The story tells the tale of Helpi, a very imaginative boy who loves superheroes and building games. With his 3D printing "magic machine", Helpi makes toys... until the coronavirus arrives and the protagonist decides to focus on helping others by making protective masks.

"The story is a tribute to all the people who during the worst months of the COVID-19 gave everything to help others."Laura Martín Torruella, author of "HELPI y la aventura de ayudar" (HELPI and the adventure of helping) and head of communications at Ayúdame3D. During the months of confinement, the Spanish NGO manufactured and donated more than 20,000 aid devices to more than 400 centers across the country.

Ayúdame3D explains that the story is also another step in their goal of promoting the social values of technology among children, doing it in a fun and entertaining way so that they are the ones who decide to change the world. In the words of Guillermo M. Gauna-Vivas, director of the NGO: "We always say that helping is too easy not to do it. With "HELPI and the adventure of helping" we want to show that we can all help with what we enjoy every day".

"HELPI and the adventure of helping", with illustrations by the artist Sonidella, will be available from Monday 1 February on the website of Ayúdame3D for 11.90 euros. 


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