Help me3D and Sakata3D join forces to help La Palma

  • The two organisations are joining forces to raise funds to help La Palma mitigate the effects of the volcano eruption on the island.
  • For every purchase of the PLA 850 SOLIDARY reel, 5 euros will be donated to the cabildo of La Palma. 
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Ayúdame3D and Sakata3D join forces to help La Palma through the sale of the PLA 850 SOLIDARY solidarity reels. For each purchase of this reel, 5 euros will be donated to the La Palma council to alleviate the effects of the volcano eruption on the island.

The coil PLA 850 SOLIDARY is a blue filament that Sakata and HelpMe3D launched in collaboration. Sakata 3D Filaments PLA 850 filament is made from Natureworks' INGEO 3D850 resin, a biodegradable material specifically for 3D printing.

MºEsther García Amezcua, CEO of Sakata3D, has declared that "The situation in La Palma is very complicated, coming out of a pandemic and facing this natural catastrophe now. It is a luxury for Sakata3D to always find facilities when it comes to help from Ayúdame3D. We do this from the heart, wanting to contribute our part among all the makers who want to collaborate and looking forward to send this help so that the island can return to normality as soon as possible".

The solidarity percentage that was destined for Ayúdame3D, 5€, will now go directly to the Cabildo de La Palma. All proceeds from the sales of this filament until 31 October will be used to help the island. The spools can be purchased via the Sakata website or at the sites of any of its distributors.

"I had been thinking for a few days about how Ayúdame3D could help La Palma and Esther came up with this idea of collaboration. Any small action is essential. It's time to help, to help out and to empathise with all the people who are going through very difficult situations", says Guillermo M. Gauna-Vivas, director of Ayúdame3D. says Guillermo M. Gauna-Vivas, director of Ayúdame3D.

With this collaboration, the two organisations want to show the enormous solidarity that exists in the maker community, how important support and empathy is between people and how easy it is to help, "too easy not to do it".

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Ayúdame3D is an organization that promotes the social values of new technologies by creating awareness programs and providing aid through 3D printing. It has educational programs that seek to promote creative-resolutionary intelligence among young people, in addition to carrying out social awareness work. It also carries out CSR actions with companies to create a more ethical and supportive business environment, and has a platform of volunteers who are experts in 3D printing. All this in order to be able to distribute aid globally: trésdesis (3D printed arms for amputees around the world). 



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