Guillermo Martínez talks to Queen Letizia and other young leaders in the social sector about the challenges to be faced

> Guillermo Martínez Gauna-Vivas, director of Ayúdame3D, was awarded the Princess of Girona Foundation's social award in 2020

Four young prize-winners and leaders in the third sector have spoken to H.M. the Queen about the role of the social sector in the pandemic

H.M. The King's Household


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The global pandemic of COVID-19 has completely changed the social panorama and has presented new challenges and new profiles, but it has also been an opportunity to demonstrate the full potential of the third sector. This was the conclusion reached by the four winners in the 'Social' category of the Princess of Girona Foundation in previous editions at the meeting they held with H.M. Queen Letizia, in which the challenges and advances of the third sector in the context of the pandemic were discussed. The meeting was attended by Guillermo Martínez Gauna-Vivas (director of Ayúdame3D and Social Award in 2020), Felipe Campos (director of the Ítaca Educational Association and Social Award 2013), Arancha Martínez (founder of the start-up It Will be and Social Award 2018) and Begoña Arana Álvarez (founder of Nuevo Hogar Betania and Social Award 2019).

The Queen asked the award winners about their personal experience during the pandemic to find out what impact it had and what is their vision of the third sector in the immediate future. In this sense, Guillermo Martínez Gauna-Vivas, director of Ayúdame3D, a social entity that makes 3D printed aids for vulnerable groups around the world, spoke about his experience during the worst months of COVID-19. Guillermo told Doña Letizia how he understood all that he could do to help from his social entity: "it was when I realized what we were called: "Help me3D, our association was not called arms”. She immediately put her work and her network of volunteers and 3D experts at the service of society, helping more than 20,000 people with the creation of 3D printed protective screens against the coronavirus.

"Society has realised that we are not the ones patching up problems but that we are really transforming a society from scratch and we are succeeding in reducing inequality," Gauna-Vivas added.

Social entrepreneurship and educational transformation were the themes chosen for the third stop of the FPDGI Tour, which named Ousman Umar, founder of the NGO NASCO Feeding Minds, an organisation that creates technological classrooms in rural areas of Africa to reduce inequality of opportunity, as the winner of the Social 2021 award. 

Ayúdame3D is an organization that promotes the social values of new technologies by creating awareness programs and providing aid through 3D printing. It has educational programs that seek to promote creative-resolutionary intelligence among young people, in addition to carrying out social awareness work. It also carries out CSR actions with companies to create a more ethical and supportive business environment, and has a platform of volunteers who are experts in 3D printing. All this in order to be able to distribute aid globally: trésdesis (3D printed arms for amputees around the world). 


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