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AFANIP, Andade and Amputats Sant Jordi join forces to celebrate the International Day of people with different limbs. From Ayúdame3D we join their campaign to celebrate diversity and advance in equality.

AFANIP states that "this initiative was born out of the need to make visible what we all have in common: our differences .And although we have come a long way, there is still a long way to go. The intention of all this is to ensure that 12 April is recognised as the "International Day of People with Different Limbs".

Although the road is not an easy one, the association remains optimistic and is aware "that sooner rather than later, the barriers that separate us will become bridges that unite us".

To help, all you have to do is keep spreading the word about this cause. "It's as simple as following us on social media and sharing the work we do for others".

For ANDADE, the celebration of this day "is an excellent opportunity to give visibility to this group". They also propose the following challenge: publish a photo or video of yourself, where you can see your different limb(s), tag ANDADE in your publication so that we can see it (and share it) and also use the following:

#differentextremitiesday #sumatealreto #ponteenmilugar #differentdisabilities #andade #afanip #amputatssanjordi

If you don't have different limbs but still want to help, you can join the cause by writing some text, tagging us and using those same tags or hashtags.

Sharing is the best way to collaborate! Make the news reach more people, take part in the different challenges and help these associations on their way to equality. It's time for 12 April to be officially recognised as the International Day of People with Different Limbs, will you join us?

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