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Guillermo M.Gauna-Vivas, director of Ayúdame3D, was last Monday on the programme Hoy por Hoy on Cadena Ser as part of the section "Un café con Iñaki" which aims to share inspiring stories of young people. 

Last Monday, Guillermo M. Gauna-Vivas, director of Ayúdame3D, visited Cadena Ser to talk on Hoy por Hoy about social entrepreneurship, about achieving a solid business model where the focus is on positive social impact and about how Ayúdame3D works in this sense .

The section of the programme "Un café con Iñaki" aims to show inspiring stories of young people who are changing the world. Iñaki Gabilondo and Àngels Barceló spoke with Guillermo about the importance of seeking social impact. "Our focus is not on profit but on improving the quality of life of many, many people," said the director of the NGO.

Gauna-Vivas insisted on the importance of not showing Ayúdame3D as a project of a boy who printed aids in his room. "We are a large and well-recognised social organisation in Spain," she said, referring to the work carried out by the NGO.

During the interview, Guillermo also focused on the different technological-social awareness programmes offered by Ayúdame3D. For example, the Helping programme isa technological-social learning programme designed for students from 4th year of primary school to 4th year of ESO, where they will be trained in 3D design and printing as well as developing social, civic, technological and entrepreneurial skills. The social entity also has CSR programmes that aim to create a more ethical and supportive business environment. We create solidarity actions that help peopleall over the world.

The aid provided by this social organisation in the more than 40 countries where it is present ranges from the famous trésdesis (3D printed prosthetic arms) to pillboxes for people with Parkinson's disease, personalised boxes to cover children's chemotherapy bags or protective screens against Covid-19. The end of the interview was dedicated to the solidarity story "Helpi and the adventure of helping", the profits of which go towards providing aid to people with disabilities and vulnerable groups around the world.

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