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Ayúdame3D becomes part of #UNICEFLab 2021. Ten innovative social projects have been selected to access an intense acceleration programme led by ISDI Accelerator and with a team of mentors, evaluators, experts of recognised national and international prestige.

At the UNICEF LabJury Day, a jury of experts selected the 10 projects that will join the UNICEF Lab acceleration programme next May. UNICEF Lab is UNICEF Spain's accelerator of positive social impact projects for Spanish-speaking countries, which aims to find projects that generate a high positive social impact, are sustainable, scalable and can be launched in an agile way to the market. Although it is open to all projects, the criteria prioritised in the selection process are as follows:

  • New forms of funding to support social innovation and social causes.
  • Prevention, eradication of poverty, inequality and social inclusion of vulnerable groups.
  • Positive impact on education with a focus on new technologies and the digital divide.
  • Promotion of Sustainability and Environment.
  • Improving health and well-being with a special focus on children.
  • Disruptive innovation and other topics.

Ayúdame3D has been one of the 10 projects selected for its innovative trajectory in the area of technology for social purposes.With Ayúdame3D's SuperKids project, children with agenesis or amputations of the upper limbs receive free 3D printed arms adapted to their growth stages, improving their quality of life.


Having the support of an organisation like UNICEF can be crucial in reaching more people and continuing to help. Alliances to achieve objectives are fundamental for any social entity. THANK YOU for trusting Ayúdame3D.

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