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Meet our Helpers3D, experts in 3D printing who collaborate with Ayúdame3D in order to offer our help to more people around the world. 

Did you know that at Ayúdame3Dwe collaborate with experts in 3D printing to be able to offer our assistive devices to more people all over the world? They are our Helpers3D, people who give meaning to the saying "helping is too easy not to do it". Today we introduce you to Claudia and Alberto.

Claudia Álvarez

"Being a Helper for me is amazing. Knowing that you can help people in need by building something that for me is super simple and fun to do is indescribable".

Claudia has made 1 trésdesis Nelly, 1 trésdesis Mery and 2 trésdesis Vicky with her ENDER 3 printer. During the pandemic she collaborated with an organisation in her area to distribute 300 protective screens and 300 ear defenders. 

Alberto Martín Montero

"Knowing and following the project from the beginning has been amazing. I love being part of this community.

Alberto has helped with his Creality3D CR-10 printer making 2 trésdesis Nelly, 3 trésdesis Mery and 3 trésdesis Vicky. 

Having this platform of 3D experts who put their knowledge, time and effort into helping others in an altruistic way allows us to continue to deliver more assistive devices and continue to grow. Thanks to our Helpers3D more people can receive their trésdesis and have their second chance.


We are currentlye are developing a web platform to reach as many volunteers as possible, until then our volunteer programme is still on hold. You can find more info here .


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