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From Ayúdame3D we work to empower territories through the social value of new technologies. Do you already know our 3DLAB in Bamba, Kenya?

The Rift Valley Technology Classroom at the Bamba Orphanage is run by local students trained in 3D printing who design and manufacture aids for people in their community. In this way, a totally independent aid network is created in the country.

This classroom was created in February 2020 and since then the printers have not stopped working creating all kinds of aids, from coronavirus protective screens to distribute among people to our trésdesis.


Nelson runs 3DLAB in Bamba with Lidia. Both are students trained in 3D printing and dedicate their free time to helping others. After almost a year of running the Ayúdame3D technology classroom in Kenya, we have decided to take stock in this video.

For us, it is very special that the first 3DLAB has opened in Bamba, Kenya, as that is precisely where Ayúdame3D was born back in 2017. The people who live in Bamba are an essential part of Ayúdame3D and also our family. 

We believe that new technologies have a social component that can change the world. This year, we want to continue creating technology classrooms in more countries around the world to demonstrate that "helping is too easy not to do it.

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