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We are extending our #30days30partners campaign until 22 November. 

Thanks to all the people who have supported us since we started, we have achieved great things. For example, during this 2020 from Help me3D we have:

  • Expanded our territory of operation to 50 countries. Now we now ship more than 150 trésdesis to more than 50 countries.
  • Kenya's first 3D printing lab opens. Our 3Dlab in Bambain Kabarnet (Kenya), is the first technology classroom in the area with professionals trained in 3D printing who offer free 3D printed aids and trésdesis. The idea of this project is to empower the community in the area through new technologies to create a completely autonomous aid network in the country.
  • Professionalisation of our training programme in schools thanks to "Helping, learning to help". This project aims to raise awareness among students through training in new technologies for social purposes so that they themselves decide to solve all the problems they face both individually and collectively.
  • Adapted our activity to deal with the Covid-19 health crisis. In less than a month, we produced more than 12,000 virus protection devices and delivered them to more than 400 centres across Spain.
  • Strengthened the collaboration network with our Helpers3D through our volunteer platform. We now have more than 60 volunteers who help us to reach more people and to be able to handle a higher volume of orders.

Did you know that there are 100 million people in the world who are missing a limb? Did you know that 83% of all those people cannot afford any kind of help in their daily lives? We want to reach that 83% and we need your help.

And now... we are missing you! We want to continue to grow in order to reach more people every day. We want to make the daily lives of the people who need our trésdesis much easier, so that they don't miss out on opportunities for schooling or employability and, in short, reduce the inequality they face.


With a little we can do a lot. Can you help us to help? You can become a member from 3 euros per month. You will be helping us to continue our work and make the world a kinder place. If you become a member before 22 November you will be entered into a prize draw to win an ENDER3 3D printer.

Thank you for helping us to help!

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