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At Ayúdame3D we have been printing pill dispensers for people with Parkinson's disease. This design, created by Brian Alldridge, allows the pills to come out one by one, thus facilitating the daily life of people suffering from this disease.

Technology has social value. Promoting it and making use of it can help us to change the lives of many people. In this sense, 3D printing offers multiple possibilities. Today we tell you the story of the pillboxes we are making for people with Parkinson's disease.


A few weeks ago, social media echoed a viral story on the TikTok platform. One person had exposed the problem for people with Parkinson's disease of being able to take their daily dose of pills without others spilling out when they go to take them. Another tiktok user started looking for ways to help and created a useful device for storing these pills.

parkinson's pillbox

The story began to be known on twitter and from Ayúdame3D we echoed it. If we have the resources and the possibility to do something to help, how could we not do it?

Since then we have been working on developing some prototypes that have already been sent to those who requested them. We are waiting for positive feedback so that we can start manufacturing and distributing this device to everyone who needs it.


"Helping is too easy not to do it" is not just our motto, it is our everyday life.

Stories like this show us once again that by applying the social value of technology, wonderful things can happen. If you like our work and want to support us, don't hesitate to share our content. It will help us a lot, we will be able to reach people you don't know yet that can be helped. 

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