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Partnerships to help: In India we work with Aaditya in the Chennai area.

 International alliances with other organisations are essential for our work as they allow us to reach many more people with our aid. In India we collaborate with Aaditya, an occupational therapist in the Chennai area.

Today we talk to him about his collaboration with Ayúdame3D, what the results and the process are like and what it means to him to collaborate helping so many people in his community.

Q: How did you find out about Ayúdame3D?
A: The first time I heard about Ayúdame3D was through Yotube videos. I quickly looked up their social networks and website to get in touch.

Q: What is a working day like for you?
A: My day starts at 8am. Right now I am doing my residency at SRIHER hospital, I do interventions and assessments. I also take care of getting prosthetic arms to the people who need them the most.

Q: What is the collaboration with Ayúdame3D like?
A: I started collaborating with Ayúdame3D after contacting them through social networks. After that, I sent a letter to be able to collaborate and thus get the trésdesis to the people who need them here.

Q: How do you feel when you see someone using the trésdesis for the first time? Is there a patient story you would like to share?
A: It is always beautiful to see someone using the trésdesis for the first time and grasping objects. One of my patients, who is a welder, told me that in his wildest dreams he could never have imagined having an arm again. It was very emotional for both of us.

Q: What work do you do to help people adapt to their new arm?
A: I teach them little by little to be more functional in their daily life, to do everyday activities and I focus this training on what each patient wants to do.

    Q: What does solidarity mean to you?
    A: For me, solidarity means trust. Being united as a big team to achieve great things together.

    Q: What do you think it takes to change the world?
    A: A lot of positive thoughts and the will to carry them out so that this is what will lead us to change the world.

    Q: Any experience you would like to share...
    : So far this whole experience with Ayúdame3D has been great. I would love to continue working with them to help more and more people. I would even love to participate in all the research processes.

    At Ayúdame3D we are aware of the importance of working with people all over the world who help us to take our devices to more corners of the world. In the end, we are just that, people helping people to have a better life. Collaborating with Aadi in India helps us to be able to bring our thresdesis to the Chennai area, to get to know the patients better and to be able to improve processes and devices.


    Thank you Aaditya for changing the world by our side!

    "Helping is too easy not to do it".

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