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Sirus played with the ball and picked up an object for the first time in his life. His reaction, his smile and his affection are the best proof that technology can change lives and that it is essential to collaborate to help.

Ayúdame3D has delivered two new designs of new devices in Uganda thanks to the strategic collaboration with the NGO BabiesUganda .

A different request came to our offices. Sirus needed adapted devices that would allow it to grasp objects and that would be useful and easy to use. After months of ideation, testing and prototyping, we created the perfect devices. Two trésdesis adapted to his measurements, to his limbs and to him. Two trésdesis that would allow Sirus to experience a lot of firsts and new opportunities: grasping objects, playing ball, hugging...

Once these devices were manufactured, tested and approved, they were sent to Uganda to be delivered to Sirus. Ayúdame3D was in charge of the design, manufacture and creation of the aids and BabiesUganda was in charge of getting them to their destination and accompanying Sirus in her process of adaptation to her new trésdesis.

Partnerships to achieve objectives are fundamental to help more people, in more territories and with a better service. From the first contact with BabiesUganda, the whole process has been simple and, above all, exciting. Having support between social entities is to achieve more lives changed. 


When we put technology at the service of people, things like this happen and we take a step forward in the creation of a fairer, more equal and better world for everyone. At Ayúdame3D we are clear that innovation, entrepreneurship and technology must have social value and we demonstrate this with each person we help.


"Helping is too easy not to do it".

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