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Article written by Gema García.

The 5th of December is volunteer day and from Ayúdame3D we couldn't miss the opportunity to pay tribute to the commitment of our Helpers3D.

International Volunteer Day has been celebrated every 5 December for almost 40 years now. This day is the ideal moment to to give thanks for all the effort and unconditional support that volunteers offer to their organisations.

Fortunately, there are volunteers all over the world. People who, on their own initiative, freely and selflessly decide to support causes in need around the world. Solely and exclusively for the purpose of improving and contributing to the general welfare. 


From Ayúdame3D we didn't want to miss the opportunity to honour the protagonists of this day: our Helpers3D.

Get to know volunteering


Experts in 3D printing who collaborate with Ayúdame3D to be able to offer our help to more people all over the world. 

They are people who have a 3D printer in their homes and who, thanks to their knowledge, help us to be able to make our trésdesis and make them reach any corner of the planet. 

We have already told you about the experience of some of our Helpers3D in other blog posts. 

Having this platform of 3D experts who put their knowledge, time and effort into helping others in an altruistic way allows us to continue to deliver more assistive devices and continue to grow. Thanks to our Helpers3D more people can receive their trésdesis and have their second chance. 

There is no better way to celebrate International Volunteer Day than by paying tribute to all the people around us who allow us to help.

Our Helpers3D are the people who make sense of "helping is too easy not to".

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