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Article written by Gema García.

The scariest holiday of the year arrives on our calendars and Helpi, our solidarity mascot, didn't want to miss it. With her pumpkin costume she returns to continue changing the world.

Halloween is a traditional holiday that has its origins in Celtic culture. It was a celebration known as Samhain, translated as the end of summer. However, etymologically, it can be understood as an assembly of the living with the dead. In fact, that is precisely what the Celts believed to happen. 

Nowadays, it is one of the most widespread festivities in the world and one of the most important in our calendars. 

It remains a holiday closely linked to the world of the dead and is set in the most terrifying stories of spirits and ghosts. 

On the night of 31 October, many people go out in costume in search of sweets and scares. At Ayúdame3D we didn't want to miss out on this special date and we have launched a limited edition of our favourite charity mascot, Helpiween!

Women lead

We have disguised Helpi with a pumpkin accessory made from the same materials and machines we use to build the life-changing trésdesis. 

Helpiween is a limited edition, perfect for decorating the house on this terrifying holiday. There are only 50 units and we can't lie... it's more cute than scary! We continue to promote solidarity and the social value of technology thanks to the Helpi figure. 

"Helping is too easy not to do it".

Happy Helpiween!

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