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Womenalia, Trivu. and MujeresyCia join forces to recognise the work of women leaders in their Top 10 Women Leaders Under30 list, including our co-founder and communications director, Laura Martín Torruella.

The list of Top 10 Women Leaders Under 30 compiled by Trivu, Womenalia and MujeresyCia presents the trajectory and achievements of 10 leading women in their sector who are breaking new ground every day. the glass ceiling.

On the occasion of the publication of this list, the event Sonderslandheld at La Nave in Madrid from 8 to 11 September, convened a panel dedicated to the importance of female presence and leadership in the future of education and technology, the opportunities of female leadership, or how to grow and position oneself in a competitive world while while fighting for gender equality.

The participants in this panel were Alejandra Acosta (expert in anti-trafficking prevention), Andrea Martínez Cuenca (Director at Leinn), Gloria Gubianas Blanes (co-founder of Hemper) and Laura Martín Torruella (co-founder of Help me3D) During the conversation, the 4 women spoke about the importance of the female presence in different sectors, breaking down barriers and the need to practice sisterhood.

Women lead solo
Women lead

Recognising female talent, amplifying and listening to women's voices and breaking down all the barriers imposed by gender inequality is key to creating a better future. At Ayúdame3D we firmly believe in the transformative power of feminism to face the challenges of the future. Laura Martín Torruella, director of communications at Ayúdame3D, commented on the panel that representation matters, but what is really necessary is to apply sisterhood and feminist values in order to work for a collectivebenefit and not an individual one.

Thank you, Trivu, Womenalia and MujeresyCia, for including us in the Top 10 Women Leaders Under 30 list and for continuing to amplify the voice of women!


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