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Article written by Gema García.


The most awaited holidays of the year are very close and at Ayúdame3D we have everything ready to give a touch of solidarity to these special dates.

What do you think when people talk to you about Christmas? We believe that Christmas is reunion and reunion, love and remembrance, magic and excitement about things. But above all, we believe that Christmas is solidarity, empathy and opportunities.

The first thing that is associated with Christmas is the pile of presents that piles up under the Christmas tree and fills us all with emotion. We want to give it another focus: we think of all the people that society does not always put first. 

At Ayúdame3D we work 365 days a year to create new opportunities and transform lives all over the world. And it is on this occasion, in the Christmas season, where we cannot stay behind. We have managed these last few months to expand our solidarity catalogue with the most original Christmas products. 

christmas helpi 2 solidarity


Our star product could not be missing in this catalogue renewal. Our most supportive doll appears, this time, with the typical Santa Claus hat to accompany us in these special dates. 


It is a Christmas product created in collaboration with Boticaria Garcia and Ayúdame3D and it is a Christmas decoration. You can get the Zorri Navideño or Avutardo and the sleigh in parts, or get the complete pack and decorate your Christmas in the most original and supportive way.



There are two versions of this product: mini Helpi Red inside or mini Helpi that can glow in the dark. This way, you can decorate your Christmas tree in the most supportive way.

We devised these products so that, in the dates that are approaching, we can work together and, with small gestures of solidarity, build new opportunities and solutions.

The magic of Christmas returns every year to make this world a better and more humane place.

By collaborating with solidarity products this holiday season, we make stories like this one come true.

"Helping is too easy not to do it".

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