Development of devices for young people according to their growth with follow-up until adulthood.
Manufacture and delivery of arms to children with amputations or agenesis in Spain.
Improvement of quality of life, reduction of inequality and social aid for hundreds of families.

  • Partnerships with social entities, schools and family associations families to attract beneficiaries.
  • Arm digitisation with 3D scanning technology 3D scanning technology.
  • Development and manufacture by 3D printing to meet the needs of each stage of growth. stage of growth.
  • Use of plastic made from plant resources plant resources such as corn starch.
  • 100% customisable. The colours and themes you want.
  • Annual follow-up + new arm every 3-4 years (from age 4 to 16).
  • Introduction to 3D design and printing: they will be able to customise, create and add new ideas to their devices.

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