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Companies with social commitment, we are looking for you! Social impact, brand value, solidarity... How can your company achieve this and change the lives of thousands of people around the world? With our CSR programmes! We develop programmes of Corporate Social Responsibility of a technological nature in order to create a more ethical and supportive business environment. We create solidarity actions that helppeople allover the world.

Numerous companies already trust in our work and have joined us to change the world. Do you have an event with an awards ceremony? Would you like to give a gift to your customers, employees or suppliers? We have the perfect gift! Solidarity, personalised, unique and that helps thousands of people all over the world.

We make trophies or products 100% adapted to your company or brand and use the profits to design, manufacture and deliver 3D printed aids in more than 50 countries around the world. You will be directly contributing to changing thousands of lives of people with disabilities or vulnerable groups.

Personalised trophies and products for your company that change the lives of thousands of people around the world.

We always say that 3D printing is digital craftsmanship... any idea, any product, any trophy, we can do it! Our design team is always looking for a way to present an innovative proposal that represents the values of the company and makes a difference. 

We believe it is important to work within the framework of the SDGs and we offer companies the possibility to do their bit in achieving the SDGs by participating in our RST actions and differentiating their brand through their values. 

Some of the companies that already trust our work and have joined us in creating social impact through technology have this to say about us.

"Never before have we been so pleased with the awards we have received as much satisfaction as with the ones you have made at Ayúdame3D. The award winners have felt doubly fortunate, because of the satisfaction of the recognition, but also because of the positive social impact produced on specific people. What's more, they are beautiful statuettes! Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts".

Luis Vicente Muñoz
Chief Executive Officer (CEO Capital Radio)

"Collaborating with Ayudame3D was almost an obligation for Timpers. We always look for partners who have the same values and the same philosophy as us, and in this case, choosing them for our annual gifts has been a complete success".

Roberto Mohedano
Co founder Timpers
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Build a better world from your company! Download the dossier with more information or contact us to learn more about our RST actions.

"Helping is too easy not to do it".

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