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Do you still send trésdesis in summer? Of course! At Ayúdame3D it is clear to us that helping is always important.

During the summer months we have continued our activities (with holidays in between) in order to continue to bring our aid to all parts of the world.

During the month of July we received a record number of requests for trésdesis. We have never registered so many in a single month. This makes us very happy and motivates us to make "starting the course" even more exciting.

We continue to work to transform, to change lives and to fill this world with much more solidarity and empathy. Do you want to know which grants we have been working on during the summer months?

Summer 21
Summer tech

Our trésdesis are not the only aids and devices we have been working on over the summer. Our development team continues to work and research to create new devices or improve existing ones either through electronic arms or the design of new prototypes.

We continue to work on offering the people who receive our transdesis a device with which they feel 100% comfortable. That's why we personalise the designs and come up with cool things like this one that goes to Bolivia to make a little girl happy.

Technology has social value and can change lives. At Ayúdame3D we know this well and that is why we put technology at the service of people. We believe that a better and more equal world is possible.

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