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Forbes' traditional list of "The 100 Most Creative Spaniards in Business" features Guillermo M. Gauna-Vivas, director of Ayúdame3D, in the category of social entrepreneurship.

This year's list is dedicated to people who have moved quickly to provide solutions to the pandemic, make people's lives easier and make clear the tremendous potential available to meet the challenges. Creativity is a fundamental solution to meet the challenges of the future. In this list, Forbes profiles the 100 men and women who have demonstrated that imagination applied to business is an unstoppable source of entrepreneurship to solve the problems of the present and shape the solutions of the future. Creativity is more necessary than ever.


With the pandemic caused by COVID-19, at Ayúdame3D we saw how all our work was put on stand-by: conferences, workshops, international deliveries of our trésdesis...

We knew we couldn't just sit back and do nothing. We had the resources and the capacity to help thousands of people, how could we not?

Guillermo did not hesitate for a moment to put the technology and structure of Ayúdame3D at the service of people and set up a support network with the Helpers3D that managed to help more than 20,000 people with the devices that were sent to some 400 centres all over Spain: small shops, pharmacies, tobacconists, homes, supermarkets...

During the pandemic, Guillermo was able to turn a problem into an opportunity to help, using creativity to offer solutions. But it doesn't stop there. Ayúdame3D aims to improve people's lives through the use of technology and offers innovation and creativity to help.

"Creativity is fundamental to achieve solutions to today's problems. Itjust needs to be accompanied by social value so that it improves people's lives and seeks to change the world," says Guillermo M. Gauna-Vivas.

Congratulations on making it to Forbes' "100 Most Creative Spaniards in Business", Guillermo! Your team at Ayúdame3D is very proud of your work and your tireless desire to improve in order to help.

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