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SuperKids is the Ayúdame3D programme that generates social impact from childhood. It consists of thedevelopment of devices for young people according to their growth with follow-up until they reach adulthood. The devices can be personalised.

Through the SuperKids programme, Ayúdame3D is responsible for themanufacture and delivery of arms to children with amputations or agenesis in Spain. This programme improves the quality of life of the child, reduces the inequality they face and provides social aid to hundreds of families.

Ayúdame3D provides a trésdesis at each stage of growth with the corresponding follow-up and adaptation in order to ensure that all the needs of the recipient are covered. This aid is provided completely free of charge and can be personalised with the colours or themes that the children want. In this way, SuperKids also seeks to involve children in the creation process as well as to encourage their interest in design and 3D printing: they will be able to personalise, create and add new ideas to their devices.


SuperKids is a long-running programme that has been recognised by organisations such as UNICEF and the TELVA solidarity award. Generating social impact from childhood is extremely important. 3D printing technology as a tool to help has infinite possibilities, and improving the daily lives of children with agenesis or amputations is a priority for Ayúdame3D. Thanks to SuperKids they can enjoy a more equal development and greater opportunities.

La semana pasada, nuestra trésdesis personalizada de Spiderman voló a Canarias y estos han sido los resultados. Sin duda nuestro lema, “ayudar es demasiado fácil como para no hacerlo”, cobra sentido en cada segundo de este vídeo.

If you like our work and believe in what we do, remember that you can become a member from 3 euros a month and contribute to improve the quality of life of thousands of people. THANK YOU!

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